Spa Party Treatments:
Homemade Skin Care

Here goes the fun part!

These Spa party treatments  include homemade skincare products to use for facials, pedicures and manicures.

  • Ingredients for homemade party treatments
  • Foot baths and plastic bowls for soaking hands
  • Inexpensive headbands
  • Several hand towels and washcloths stacked neatly in baskets
  • Thermoses, pitchers
  • Additional large basket for used towels
  • Dumping station for foot bath water
  • New nail files,
Spa party treatment-pedicure foot spa
  •  orange sticks, inexpensive pumice stones or foot files
  • Nail polish (ask friends to share or supply a sampling of colors)
  • Cotton balls
  • Foot and hand soak ingredients
  • Oil and/or hand and foot lotions, The pampering doesn't stop when you step out of the tub. A rich moisturizer helps rehydrate the skin.
  • Gentle facial cleanser, masques, eye treatments, moisturizer:
  • Relaxing, Spa music

Skincare Recipes

  • Foot soak for tired feet and softening rough skin: Add ½ cup of Epsom Salt to a large pan of warm water. Sprinkle in flower petals or add lavender oil. You can buy a foot bubbler (mini hot tub for your feet) to give your party that decadent spa feel.
  • Hand treatment: wash hands thoroughly with warm water, then, using a coarse washcloth, rub briskly. While skin is slightly damp, apply a mixture of one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon olive oil. Place hands in small plastic bags for 15 minutes. The heat helps the treatment penetrate.
  • Facial masque: use 1tbs nonfat plain yogurt for oily skin types, 1tbs lowfat plain yogurt for combination skin, 1tbs regular plain yogurt for dry skin. Mash in 2 to 3 large strawberries. Apply to clean skin, then lie down for 15 to 20 minutes. Wipe off, then rinse with washcloth soaked in warm water. Pat dry.
  • Eye soother: cut and refrigerate cucumber slices, place on eyelids for 15 minutes.

Spa Party Treatments: Homemade Lip Balm

You may consider giving a beauty lesson of your spa party treatments by teaching your guests to make their own face masks and scrubs.

Here are a few recipe's that are a treat to share:

One of our favorite Spa treatment recipes come from honey. Honey is both a food product and beauty product -- one of nature's most perfect substances.

For example, here's a great recipe for,

Cranberry Lip Balm:

Mix in a microwave safe bowl one tablespoon of sweet almond oil, ten fresh cranberries (you can use defrosted cranberries from the freezer aisle), one teaspoon of honey, and one drop of vitamin E oil.

Microwave for two minutes or until the mixture just begins to boil. (Bowl may also be heated in a pan of water on a stovetop). Stir well and gently crush the berries.

Cool mixture for five minutes and then strain through a fine sieve to remove all the fruit pieces. Stir again and set aside to cool completely. When cool, transfer into a small portable plastic container or tin.

Skincare Products

Brown Sugar Pedicure Scrub

Mix ingredients lightly to form a paste. Scoop out and rub into the soles of feet. Oil will moisturize and brown sugar will exfoliate. Store any leftovers in airtight container and refrigerate.


1 1/2 Cups of Brown Sugar.1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract.1/2 Cup Olive Oil.

Chocolate Facial Mask

This delicious mask is actually an excellent moisturizer and is recommended for normal skin.

1/3 cup cocoa.3 tbsp. Heavy cream.2 tsp. Cottage cheese.¼ Cup honey.3 tsp. Oatmeal powder.

Mix all ingredients together and smooth onto face. Relax for ten 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

Give these spa party treatments out to your guests and listen to "oooh!" and "aaah!" with a sly smile, like you do just this sort of thing all the time.

Mobile Spa

You may want to hire a professional spa technician for your event.

The number of mobile massage and spa service companies in the U.S. have grown rapidly in the last few years.

Simply do a google search for your online resource for local and national listings of in home beauty and salon party companies for parties and events.

While you're at it, ask the mobile spa service if they can do mini treatments for your party.

See, now you know that it's not hard at all to make up your spa party treatments. Enjoy!!!

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