Spa Party Refreshments,
Healthy Foods

Spa party refreshments are at the top of the list.

Now that you have decided on your spa party basics and spa party invitations, it's time to plan and execute the details.

You can be sure that all of the spa activities will create a healthy appetite.

The order of the day - Splendid Spa Food. The secret is to make light fare that is irresistible because the flavor is punched up to match the event.

Refreshments like ice cold pitchers of water filled with lemon and/or lime and/or cucumber slices or chilled bottles of water (particularly attractive bottles are a plus ... Use groupon and splurge at your local gourmet store for pretty bottles and leave the plastic sports bottles in your pantry).

Selection of herbal teas or juices can be included in spa party refreshments.

spa party refreshments-natural foods for health

Spa Party Refreshments: Healthy Food List

Make appetizers/salads night prior or morning


Make the refreshments healthy, after all they are at the spa for the afternoon or evening. You could serve the following:

  • Fresh fruit, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, canteloupe, watermelon.
  • Fresh cheese and crackers or a variety of other dips.
  • Yogurt parfaits topped with granola and honey.
  • Have a wonderful vegetable tray served with ranch dip, etc.
  • Dry nuts and fruits would also be a good treat, like banana chips, apricots, assortment of nuts, etc.
Check out: At Home Spa Food Recipes, a collection of easy to prepare spa recipes that utilize healthy ingredients to create awesome cuisine for your home spa party.

If you are serving dinner, you could make:

  • A yummy salad
  • Chicken Fajitas and/or tacos
  • Vegetable soup
  • Fresh bread and/or rolls
  • Fruit skewers

Easy to Prepare: Healthy Deserts

Fruit smoothies would be a yummy treat to include in your party refreshments. You could have several recipes and a blender available and you could have a smoothie bar that the girls (or guys) can order their smoothies from.

If the girls are old enough, you could offer herbal tea. Have an array of fruit teas on hand as well.


A fruit tart would be a wonderful dessert to serve, as would any type of fruit cake, like Strawberry Shortcake or a peach cobbler. Serve these with frozen yogurt. Carrot Cake may also be a good choice, but not all kids may eat this cake. You'll find that making your refreshments can be fun and healthy at the same time!

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